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Studio Rental

Welcome to the studio! We are located on Hampton Ave in South City. Don’t let our modest office building fool you from the outside. You will have access to close to 800 sq ft of studio space. This includes new floors, a waiting room, a makeup area with a large mirror and tall chair for your hair and makeup artist to comfortably do what they do best. Plus we have a wardrobe room with a real door where your clients can feel comfortable changing. Want to borrow wardrobe and fun accessories for your clients? Check out some of the wardrobe HERE (Lila Mae Jewelry not included). There is a sink in the wardrobe room for any washing of makeup brushes, hair needs, etc. We also have a reveal wall so that you can present your clients portraits to them with elegance and class.

The shooting area is spacious and natural light is available from 3 windows (mornings/early afternoons are best). You are allowed to use any of my V-Flats (black & vintage rose) which are so convenient for shooting with natural light; you just bring them as close as you need! There is also a backdrop stand provided with a black and/or white cloth backdrop that you can use if you so choose. Any light stands, reflectors, umbrellas, stools, paper backdrops and fabrics are yours to borrow. You may also use the mini-fridge!

  • Rental fees are $30 per hour (2hr min).

  • Monthly Rental (24 hours a month) is also available for $450.

  • Renter must show proof of business/liability insurance.

  • Studio is not wheelchair accessible and is on the second floor (short flight of stairs).

  • Bathrooms are located right outside of studio space in the shared office building.

  • Address: 3720 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109

Contact me below to reserve your spot!

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