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Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House Wedding : Vincent and Jessica

From beginning to end, Jess and Vince's wedding was amazing. We were so excited when we heard that the wedding ceremony would be at the Butterfly House! I mean, who doesn't love the Butterfly House right? This was the perfect backdrop for a beautiful couple to say "I do".  

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The ladies looking gorgeous as they toasted with a celebratory glass of champagne to toast the soon to be bride.  


I had no idea they would "bring it" like that!


Meanwhile Vince was preparing to see his beautiful bride. 


Surrounded by your best friends making you laugh helps calm the nerves. 


What a handsome groom! It's almost time! 


Vince patiently awaits his bride. 


Here comes the bride!


True love.

What a beautiful ceremony.

I've learned to fight back tears while shooting, but this one was difficult. 


Gorgeous couple. 


Celebration time! 

Congratulations you two!

May you celebrate your love every day for the rest of your days.

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