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Memories & Marty McFly

Are your memories slipping away? No space on your phone anymore? Constantly filling up with images that (at the moment) are so precious, but then get deleted eventually?

Believe it or not it happens to me too. Like, a lot, but I plan to change that! Join me!

I remember a time when I would have guests over to my home and the highlight of the evening was to show them blasts from the past. I've always been the treasure keeper. I have boxes and bags of old photos that are currently a project in progress to get scanned and made into high quality photo books. There are photos of my Grandparents when they were young, photos of my Mom and Dad getting married over 40 years ago, even photos of my siblings and me getting ready for Halloween. These moments are priceless and I would be lost without them. 


I know that we barely have time to eat lunch most days. We have good intentions, but they don't get us very far. We pick up that cell phone to snap a picture of our son that has ice cream on his nose while he obliviously, yet blissfully enjoys a sweet treat or when your daughter and your Grandmother accidentally wear matching outfits and it's just too cute to pass up. Nevertheless, time passes and eventually we have to make room for more moments that will eventually be sent to the trash can as well, never to be shared with anyone - ever - again.

The thought I can't get out of my head is our children telling their children stories about their childhood and not having the time portal of pictures to show them. This thought just gives me anxiety. 

What's that? I'm giving you anxiety now too? Sorry, I didn't pop into your inbox to cause you any stress today, but I tell my friends the truth. So, friend, this email is to remind you to slow it down (just a notch) and do something about all of those memories you're losing. Are images of Marty Mcfly popping into your brain too? Too young? Well, just watch this.

That was close!

As much as I want you to book a shoot with me for heirloom portraits that can be passed down from generation to generation, personal branding to make sure you are represented correctly from the second a client views your info and of course one of the most special days of your life- your Wedding Day, I realize that I can't be there 24/7. You are the photographer every other day of your life my friend. 

So, look into the future and visualize people talking about you and scrambling because they can't find a single physical picture. Or your son telling his new wife about his childhood home, but not being able to show her what it looked like. That's just plain unacceptable.

Stories need pictures!

Stories need pictures!

I don't care where you have to print... just do it.  The quality may not be the best and let's face it, with our cell phones the print quality is only so good anyway. The point of this message is not to teach you how to make an amazing scrapbook, but about having the physical evidence that your experiences actually existed.

Download apps to your phone that will make it easier for you to send off your best moments to be printed, maybe even shipped directly to you. That shouldn't be too difficult or take too much time. If you need recommendations let me know! 

I would love to take your photos, but I also want you to enjoy life and take some of your own while you are at it.

So, join me as I begin printing my everyday moments more! If you have any tips or recommendations of how to make this easier please leave a comment! 

Oh yeah and if I haven't said this already...


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