Crystal was so peaceful and patient as she waited to join her groom on the most perfect summer day at the Larimore House Plantation. Jason anxiously awaited his beautiful bride to be outside. The day had arrived when they would officially join as one and blend their beautiful family.


The beautiful view. 

Crystal arriving in style. Her handsome father gives her a little kiss for good luck. 

Crystal arriving in style. Her handsome father gives her a little kiss for good luck. 

What an amazing dress! 

What an amazing dress! 

It’s almost time to see her handsome husband to be! 

The time has arrived! This is always one of my favorite moments. Crystal’s father gives her away to the man of her dreams. 


These two are quite the pair. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. 

Let's take it to the dance floor! 


Thank you to the Smith's for allowing us to capture their special day! 

Venue: Larimore Plantation House




She was stoic. She was relaxed. I had never seen a bride go with the flow as much as Marquita. She didn't let anything stress her out. I was impressed, thinking to myself, "She deserves the Bride of the Century Award"! If only there was such a thing. 

Before the ceremony, surrounded by their friends, Marquita and Brian await the big moment.

Marquita and her Mother share moment like they did when Marquita was a little girl. 

Marquita and her Mother share moment like they did when Marquita was a little girl. 

Emotions begin to take over.

Both Brian and Marquita kept telling us how long they had waited for this day. 

Both Brian and Marquita kept telling us how long they had waited for this day. 


Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful portrait at the Missouri Bluffs Golf Club.

Time to celebrate!

Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs.

So happy!

So happy!

Witnessing a Mother's love always pulls on my heartstrings.  

Witnessing a Mother's love always pulls on my heartstrings.  


We are so happy to have been part of your special day! 

 Thank you to the amazing people who brought this day to life…

Venue: Missouri Bluffs Golf Club

Cake: Cakes by Kristi

Photography: Carol Lara Photography

Memories & Marty McFly by Carol Lara

Are your memories slipping away? No space on your phone anymore? Constantly filling up with images that (at the moment) are so precious, but then get deleted eventually?

Believe it or not it happens to me too. Like, a lot, but I plan to change that! Join me!

I remember a time when I would have guests over to my home and the highlight of the evening was to show them blasts from the past. I've always been the treasure keeper. I have boxes and bags of old photos that are currently a project in progress to get scanned and made into high quality photo books. There are photos of my Grandparents when they were young, photos of my Mom and Dad getting married over 40 years ago, even photos of my siblings and me getting ready for Halloween. These moments are priceless and I would be lost without them. 


I know that we barely have time to eat lunch most days. We have good intentions, but they don't get us very far. We pick up that cell phone to snap a picture of our son that has ice cream on his nose while he obliviously, yet blissfully enjoys a sweet treat or when your daughter and your Grandmother accidentally wear matching outfits and it's just too cute to pass up. Nevertheless, time passes and eventually we have to make room for more moments that will eventually be sent to the trash can as well, never to be shared with anyone - ever - again.

The thought I can't get out of my head is our children telling their children stories about their childhood and not having the time portal of pictures to show them. This thought just gives me anxiety. 

What's that? I'm giving you anxiety now too? Sorry, I didn't pop into your inbox to cause you any stress today, but I tell my friends the truth. So, friend, this email is to remind you to slow it down (just a notch) and do something about all of those memories you're losing. Are images of Marty Mcfly popping into your brain too? Too young? Well, just watch this.

That was close!

As much as I want you to book a shoot with me for heirloom portraits that can be passed down from generation to generation, personal branding to make sure you are represented correctly from the second a client views your info and of course one of the most special days of your life- your Wedding Day, I realize that I can't be there 24/7. You are the photographer every other day of your life my friend. 

So, look into the future and visualize people talking about you and scrambling because they can't find a single physical picture. Or your son telling his new wife about his childhood home, but not being able to show her what it looked like. That's just plain unacceptable.

Stories need pictures!

Stories need pictures!

I don't care where you have to print... just do it.  The quality may not be the best and let's face it, with our cell phones the print quality is only so good anyway. The point of this message is not to teach you how to make an amazing scrapbook, but about having the physical evidence that your experiences actually existed.

Download apps to your phone that will make it easier for you to send off your best moments to be printed, maybe even shipped directly to you. That shouldn't be too difficult or take too much time. If you need recommendations let me know! 

I would love to take your photos, but I also want you to enjoy life and take some of your own while you are at it.

So, join me as I begin printing my everyday moments more! If you have any tips or recommendations of how to make this easier please leave a comment! 

Oh yeah and if I haven't said this already...


Every Little Step... by Carol Lara

Every little step... 

I used to try and tell my clients how they should stand or where to place their arm, or their foot, etc..  Tell is the keyword. I soon realized that telling someone what to do when they are in front of a lens is like talking to someone through a soundproof glass wall. They know you are moving your lips, but they're stuck, struggling to understand. 

It didn't take me long to realize that I needed to show my clients exactly what I wanted them to do. This worked so much easier and not to mention, so much faster! I love posing with my clients and showing them little tricks that they can use that help capture the most flattering of images, even after they leave the studio. 

I believe strongly that I have to get in the trenches with my clients. It's only fair that if they are trusting me enough to be vulnerable and let go of their inhibitions, that I too need to be just as open and vulnerable for them.

So, in the words of the 90's Bobby Brown, "Every little step I make, we'll be together"!

I just love my clients!

Have a wonderful day, 


Headshot Happy Hour! by Carol Lara

So much has been happening in the past month! I can't wait to reveal the new studio in pictures when it's completely ready!  In the meantime I am holding a Headshot Happy Hour as a soft opening and I would love it if you could join me on July 19th! You must call or email me to schedule your appointment between 4pm-7pm. Can't wait to see you there! 

Essence by Carol Lara

A couple of weeks ago my friend asked me to photograph her and her daughters for Mother's Day. Judy has always had one of those smiles that can light up a room. However, I am not sure she knew that at the time. Sometimes we forget how important our smiles are in this world. We get caught up in the daily grind. We deal with children, marital issues, financial issues, work issues... the list goes on and on. That's why I was so excited when Judy asked me to photograph her and her children. I knew that I would be helping her create heirlooms that would be passed on for generations and memories that her children would treasure as they got older, but I also knew something else. I was going to have the opportunity to show my friend who she really is.  Because sometimes we simply forget. 

We turned up the volume on some of her favorite Latin music and she began to remember.  She felt the music and she began to dance. 

Don't ever let anyone steal that smile away Judy. 

When Judy saw her images she said she shed a few tears. Not only because she now has portraits with her daughters, but also because she saw herself, her true essence, and she never wants to forget that about herself again. 

I am so happy that I get to share this with her and many other women that have their portraits taken by me.  

Let's not forget who we are and when we do, let us be so lucky to be reminded by seeing ourselves from another vantage point. 



I thought that this image was hilarious and sometimes those moments of craziness are just as beautiful as perfectly posed pictures. 

I thought that this image was hilarious and sometimes those moments of craziness are just as beautiful as perfectly posed pictures. 







Beautiful Photo shoot with Andrea by Carol Lara

I had the pleasure of photographing Andrea. Here is a part of her story. 

These are just a few images from the shoot edited in black and white. Aren't they just dreamy?

Magic in St. Louis by Carol Lara

My humble home photography studio in St. Louis may look like a plain brick house, but little do passerbys know that inside MAGIC is being practiced. The key to creating this magic? You. 



When a woman books a shoot with me it's because she sees something in the eyes of all of the other women I've shot that she wants. The something is the MAGIC


When you decide to let go of your inhibitions and love yourself for who you are Today, not tomorrow or in 6 months from now when you lose those 15 pounds or whatever other excuse you have, you SHINE.  


You deserve love at this very moment and it's starts with YOU. Are you ready?